(4.04) What makes a great leader?!?

What makes a great leader?!?

It wasn’t until a listener emailed Paul & KG this question that it dawned on them they had never actually discussed this topic. After some time together at the podcast desk, and a gorgeous bottle of wine, they realised why this had been the case. It’s a bloody hard question to answer. It’s complex and, in some circles, a little muddled, heated or controversial. But that’s never stopped them before!

So join KG Paul as they deflect, qualify and oversimplify what is, in effect, a very simple question with some very complex answers. Please join us to help us make sense of it. What is great leadership for you? Please email us and let us know how far off the mark they might be (though messages of support and encouragement are also welcome!)!!

And, as always, this great conversation is aided and abetted by a funky (in a good way) and most rewarding wine – a 2022 Barossa Tangerine Dream, by Smallfry Wines. It is an ‘Amber’ wine with light skin contact and an unusual blend of Semillon, Pedro Ximenes, Riesling, Roussane and Muscat. Light and refreshing, yet layered enough to challenge any wine lover or someone who simply wants to try something different and delicious.  It was generously provided by Annadale Cellars. Delectable.

Sláinte friends!

We’re keen to hear what you thought of this conversation. Please let us know through either of the options below.

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Disagree or agree with anything we’ve said? How wrong are we?!? Are there any leadership topics you’d like us to discuss (or perhaps other books or podcasts that might set us straight!)? Maybe you’d like to recommend a favourite wine!

Whatever tickles your fancy, we’d love to hear from you!!

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