Cheeky Half Episode (17): Leadership’s role in our ‘Social Cohesion’

In this Cheeky Half episode, Paul KG discuss a very recent report published by the Scanlon institute in Australia, the Mapping Social Cohesion report. It’s a fascinating social research project that seeks to assess the state of our ‘social cohesion’ at a given point (the report is published annually). It looks at categories such as our sense of belonging, acceptance, justice, and financial health, amongst many other indicators.

KG Paul were curious about whether an understanding or at least, some exposure, to these societal markers might actually enhance and improve the way people might go about their leadership practice. For example, a phenomenon like ‘quiet quitting’ may be triggered by a myriad of other concerns and anxieties that only touch on our workplaces, although they may heavily influence them. If we were informed about these broader pressures in our own contexts and communities, how might this sharpen our awareness and maybe even improve the quality of our interactions with those we lead?

Here are some useful links:

1. TLDR; an executive summary of the report, beautifully visualised.
2. Scanlon Foundation
3. Scanlon Foundation Research Institute
4. Mapping Social Cohesion Report 2023 (Download)

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