(3.09) Leadership and the anthropology of culture

What does a hot cup of tea have to do with our understanding of culture in the organisations where we work? Join Paul & KG as they touch on this surprising ‘phenomenon’ with their special guest, Michael Henderson. Michael is a Corporate Anthropologist (yep, it’s a real thing!) with a clear and sharp take on what makes culture in our organisations, and what leaders should be paying attention to.

And of course, our generous sponsor Annadale Cellars continues to support our little project with a most delectable wine to keep the conversation running smoothly!

For this episode, Annandale Cellars has provided an absolutely delicious French white wine. The 2022 Racine Picpoul de Pinet is a wine neither host had ever encountered before, but now they are better humans for it. The wine is crisp and light, with a zesty, citrus overtone – a perfect accompaniment to oysters, and seafood in general. We encourage you to check it out at Annandale Cellars!

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