(3.08) Leadership begins with Charity

KG Paul often refer to leadership practice as being contextual. No one size, style or framework fits all. And despite their many years of combined leadership practice, they have barely experienced the sheer diversity of contexts where leaders ‘play’. And so they invited Nicole Schleicher, General Manager of Services and Impact at Redkite, for a leadership chat over a glass of wine. Redkite is a donor-funded charity providing services and support to families who have a child with cancer. These are undeniably high-stakes contexts, and the leadership required to provide the most valuable services, and to sustainably contribute to an organisation’s vision, seems a different beast altogether.

Join Paul & KG as they explore with Nicole what it takes to lead in these contexts – the aspirations, desires and very real and complex challenges.

And of course, our generous sponsor Annadale Cellars provides us with a most delectable wine to keep the conversation running smoothly!

For this episode, Annandale Cellars provided an incredibly robust and tasty Italian wine from producer, Tenute Cesaroni. The 2021 Le Barbatelle Rosso Piceno from the Marche region is usually a blend of Sangiovese and Montepulciano but this particular blend includes some Lacrima di Morro D’Alba, giving it a more of a floral lift. It’s a great table wine, and Paul & KG both fantasised about a long, outdoor lunch by a Tuscan villa as they enthusiastically sipped on their wine! We encourage you to check it out at Annandale Cellars!

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