(3.07) Leadership and First Nations

KG Paul love their regular conversations on leadership over a glass of wine. That’s no secret. But it’s easy to forget that these conversations provide only a small, even infinitesimal, slice of what leadership is and could be. They’d be the first to admit they don’t have a monopoly on leadership practice, nor its definition.

It is for this reason KG Paul thought it a timely opportunity to invite guests who identify with a different experience of leadership and who work with First Nations People in reclaiming their confidence, dignity and capabilities to lead.

It was such a pleasure to spend time with the Founders and Directors of ThirriwirriJason Ardler and David Major, as we yarned about leadership for First Nations People, and their passion and work in building up capabilities that will build up and empower generations to come.

And our sponsor continues to deliver!

For this episode, Annandale Cellars generously provided a delectable Spanish wine from winemaker Olivier Riviere. His 2021 Rayos Uva from the Rioja region is a blend of Tempranillo, Grenache and Graciano. It is unoaked and biodynamically made. An easy-to-drink, medium-bodied red to savour on any occasion. We encourage you to check it out at Annandale Cellars!

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