(3.05) This feels awkward… Leading through discomfort.

In leadership roles, we often face uncomfortable conversations and encounters. When experiencing these unsettling situations, we have a few options. These include enduring the discomfort and navigating through the storm until we find stability, or prematurely ending the conversation, ignoring the tension. One approach fosters growth and connection, the other doesn’t.

Join KG Paul as they wrestle with the ‘return of the repressed’, ‘inspired’ by the recent and unexpected visit from an infamous virus.

Today, the conversation is supported by an delectable Italian style red wine, Angullong ‘Fossil Hill’, Barbera, Sagrantino, Sangiovese blend, 2019. A surprisingly approachable and accessible wine from the Orange Region in NSW, Australia.

Please join us, we’d love your company. Sláinte friends!

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