Cheeky Half Episode (9): Leadership & the Voices that speak it

Anyone with any interest in the Australian context will know 2023 is going to be a significant year for many of our leaders holding public office. This is the year a national referendum is put to the population about enshrining a voice of our Indigenous People into the constitution. 

But not just those in the public domain who have a role to play. Anyone with even the smallest amount of leadership responsibility can help guide the conversation.  Everyone doesn’t have to agree, but we can talk productively, right?

That’s the point of this brief conversation. How are leaders everywhere going to show up to this conversation? Join us and please, share your thoughts!


We’d love to hear what you thought of this conversation. Is this a topic worth pursuing in one of our longer monthly episodes?

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Disagree or agree with anything we’ve said? How wrong are we?!? Are there any leadership topics you’d like us to discuss (or perhaps other books or podcasts that might set us straight!)? Maybe you’d like to recommend a favourite wine!

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