2.10 Vanilla Leadership: Not as bland as you might think

Vanilla has had a bad rap over the years. Often associated with blandness and things vaguely unremarkable, to be called ‘Vanilla’ can be experienced as a back-handed compliment at best, and a dismissal at worst.

However, KG & Paul beg to differ. Over an impeccable bottle of 2004 Buller & Sons [now Buller Wines] Calliope Shiraz, they discuss the oft-derided word and dive a little deeper into one of the chapters in KG’s recent book, 10 Leading Tools. In fact, this particular chapter whole-heartedly encourages us to ‘Be Vanilla.’ There’s more to this word than meets the eye. Join us over a glass of your favourite beverage as we split this humble bean and let it spill its secrets. There’s pizza and sushi involved too!

Sláinte friends!

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Links & Resources from this conversation:

  1. 10 Leading Tools (KG Butler, 2022)
  2. Atomic Habits, (James Clear, 2018)

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