2.8 Quantum Leadership: A leap in leadership development

Leadership development takes time. Sometimes it’s a painstaking process where the results couldn’t come fast enough, teasing us with the smallest of incremental results. But what if you could find a way to short-circuit that protracted process and see results sooner? And what if it wasn’t just about improved speed? What if you could also unlock a number of leadership skills simultaneously, rather than rely on the more traditional linear approaches to development? Would that be something worth exploring?

Paul & KG thought so. And, for that exploration they are joined by a special guest, Rob Balmer, Executive Chairman of Executive Central, and author of Quantum Leadership: Igniting the Limitless Power of People in Disruptive Times. Rob walks us through some of the concepts and ideas in his book whilst always providing practical tips for taking our leadership to the next level.

Rob also joins us in enjoying a wonderful Plantagenet, Three Lions 2019 Pinot NoirSláinte!

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Links & Resources from this conversation:

  1. Executive Central
  2. Quantum Leadership: Igniting the Limitless Power of People in Disruptive Times (R Balmer)
  3. A Theory of Human Motivation (A.H. Maslow)

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