2.7 Leadership Recanted: When leaders go back on their word

Leadership is a tough gig at the best of times. And sometimes it’s even harder than that! This is especially true when, having delivered a message to our teams or colleagues, we find ourselves having to rescind, and maybe even replacing it with a contradictory message. What’s it like when you have to ‘recant’ a previous message? How can leaders maintain trust when sometimes their best-laid plans are scuttled and are then seen to go back on their word? 

KG & Paul discuss their own experiences of the ‘about face’ – and it’s rarely pretty. However, today’s wine is not only ‘pretty’, it is absolutely gorgeous! And it more than helps in softening the edges of some very sharp memories of having to ‘recant’ on a number of occasions. That wine is aCastagna 2002 La Chiave (Sangiovese). OMG, what a wine! Sláinte!

This episode was suggested and inspired by a lovely email from one of our listeners. Sláinte Andrew! And thank you for your very kind words.

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