2.5 Women Leading, beyond the gender ‘divide’…

In this episode, Paul & KG are excited to have Reyna Matthes as our conversational guest. Reyna is a Founding Director of Executive Central. But above all else, she is deeply passionate about building leadership capability for women.

During the discussion, however, it becomes very clear that Reyna’s passion for enabling better leaders extends way beyond gender, making the themes of our conversation much broader. And the encounter is much richer.

And of course, there is wine. The wine for this conversation is a delicious Margaret River, 2019 Pedestal Cabernet Sauvignon, by Larry Cherubino Wines.   Sláinte!

We’d love to hear what you thought of this conversation. Please let us know through either of the options below.

Please reach out on askus@leadershipdecanted.com

Disagree or agree with anything we’ve said? How wrong are we?!? Are there any leadership topics you’d like us to discuss (or perhaps other books or podcasts that might set us straight!)? Maybe you’d like to recommend a favourite wine!

Whatever tickles your fancy, we’d love to hear from you!!

Links & Resources from this conversation:

  1. Executive Central
  2. Workplace Gender Equality Agency (Women in Leadership)
  3. Gallup StrengthsFinder
  4. Carla Harris: How to Own your Power
  5. Brene Brown: The Power of Vulnerability (TED Talk)
  6. Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action (TED Talk)
  7. Amy Cuddy: Your body language may shape who you are (TED Talk)

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