2.4 Leadership: The Next Generation

Two middle-aged guys harping on about leadership may be interesting to some, but clearly, that is never going to be enough. If Leadership Practice is in any way forward-looking, surely we need to look to those who are nipping at our heels. What do today’s youth think of Leadership? What do they expect of those who claim to lead? And how do they aspire to practice leadership that speaks to their generation and beyond?

In this episode, Paul & KG are joined by Paige, Cal, Hugh, and Rosa. They are a breath of fresh air, bringing the conversation into sharp focus around their understanding, expectations, and aspirations on the topic of Leadership with incredible intelligence, clarity, focus, and a huge dose of hope.

The wine for this conversation is a juicy, fruit-driven 2017 Langhorne Creek, McLaren Vale Shiraz, sourced from Naked Wines.   Sláinte!

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Links & Resources from this conversation:

  1. Naked Wines
  2. The Prince (Niccolò Machiavelli)

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