Introducing our ‘Cheeky Half’ episodes!

Sometimes a month between Leadership Decanted episodes feels like a long time between drinks, doesn’t it?!

To ease the anxiety KG & Paul will regularly be sharing some of their unfinished thoughts and ideas. Think of them as incomplete thought bubbles. By doing so we want to give our listeners a sense of how we process our ideas and how we come to choose our topics and guests. But more importantly, we want to give you a more direct way of guiding us to the topics that might interest you the most. We call these our ‘Cheeky Half’ episodes!

These will be much shorter episodes as Paul & KG riff about whatever leadership topic is on their mind. They may not always be in the same room to share a delicious glass of wine, but be in no doubt there will always be a favourite beverage close at hand!

Please join us and let us know what you think, or suggest a topic that you want us to explore.

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