2.2 A Leadership Quest, Part 1: The Fellowship of Deep Listening

This month’s episode is a little different. Join Paul and KG as they are taken on a quest to the realms of Deep Listening. In this first leg of a two-leg journey we set the scene by understanding a few broad principles and getting to the bottom of why deep listening is not just a courtesy, but a critical component of meaningful leadership practice.

They are guided [virtually] on this journey by Oscar Trimboli – author, speaker, creator, and presenter of the Apple award-winning podcast, “Deep Listening.” It is both an unexpected and rewarding conversation that yields a number of truths and some transformative insights.

What hasn’t changed is that our conversation is helped along by a delicious bottle of wine. Today it’s a 2019 Bleasdale (Second Innings) MalbecSláinte!

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Links & Resources from this conversation:

  1. Oscar Trimboli | Deep Listening: Impact Beyond Words
  2. Podcast – Oscar Trimboli | Deep Listening: Impact Beyond Words
  3. Deep Listening: Impact Beyond Words – Paperback book – Oscar Trimboli | Deep Listening: Impact Beyond Words
  4. How to Lead a Quest — Dr Fox, Wizard (drjasonfox.com)

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